Our Official Office Dog Keke wishes you a great and motivational Monday. We can all learn from his laid-back attitude, even though you may not be able to take as many naps today as him.

Let us introduce to you Keke!


Official Name:                   Lonely Rider’s Top Gun

Unofficial Name:             Keke, Keijo Keppana, Reijo Reppana

Age:                                        3 years (around 21 years in human age)

Occupation:                       Official Office Dog of BPS Finland

Salary:                                  Office lunch leftovers


Daily tasks:

  • Welcoming arriving guests at the office with sniffs
  • Being available for receiving butt scratches
  • Protecting the office with barking to everything labeled strange (people walking outside, loud noises, sometimes doors and paintings on the wall)
  • Covering the employees with extra hair
  • Making everyone else jealous by taking several naps throughout the day

Greatest achievements in life:

  • Sleeping 14 hours in a row
  • Snoring louder than any human
  • Being able to look to right and left at the same time, without moving his head
  • Making even tough guys say “AWWW!”


Keke and BPS Finland wish you a great Monday!